Sunday, March 13, 2011

tie it up. pin it down.

Is it too silly and girly to have an entire post dedicated to hair? Maybe. But oh well! Here I go anyway.

I have hair that I like to describe as "lazy". It is thin and straight as a board. A very flat and boring board. In someways this is nice. For example, when I shower in the morning my hair is usually pretty much dry and mostly straight by the time I leave for work. This is without the help of a blow dryer. When it is colder I like to eat breakfast while standing in from of the heater's vent to dry my hair. This is wonderful most days. Like on days where I'm going to work. Or on days when I'm staying home to do laundry or dishes or nothing at all in particular. My trouble come in when I want to go out and have hair that can perform more than the simple trick of "sit" or "lay there and do nothing at all". I have spent considerable amounts of time battling curling irons and flat irons and different combinations of hairspray and mousse. I can get it to look pretty good but it always returns to its original state of flat and dull within a couple hours. I once put my hair into braids while it was wet so I could get some texture and waves happening. It was lovely. For awhile. But the lazy hair always gets tired and decides to lay down for a snooze. This is why I LOVE hair accessories! They save heads like mine from being doomed to a life of sleepy hair. Even right now I am wearing a headband that is sneakily hiding my exhausted hair from the others in this coffee shop. Shhh! Don't tell them!

Here is my treasury, my ode to hair helpers...


  1. Hello Jenna, thank you so much for following my blog, I now follow you. Lovely treasury. Hope you have a fantastic day.

    Mary O

  2. Hehe, it's funny because my hair is completely the opposite...thick and wavy, and doesn't dry for several hours (if I shower before I go to sleep, it's usually still damp in the morning). On the rare occasions when it's curled (aka when I get someone else to curl it for me) it stays in pretty well, which is nice. Unfortunately, it REFUSES to stay matter what I do to it, by the end of the day there are always wisps (if not entire sections) that are escaping. Usually I braid it, so I have to re-braid a few times a day.