Friday, June 15, 2012


I survived my first craft fair! I had a wonderful time sharing my creations with MANY strangers on an incredibly beautiful day in Long Beach. According to other vendors, the attendance wasn't what they had hoped for and people were not buying as much as other years.
However, being new and having no idea what to expect, I thought the day went very well. I met all of the goals I had set for myself.
Did I learn a lot and get myself better prepared for craft fairs in the future? I sure did! Did I hand out my card to a whole bunch of strangers? You bet! Did I make enough to cover the cost of the 10x10 space I had? Yes... and then some! Did I meet a lot of nice people? Yep! Did I make enough to keep everything looking full all day? I made WAY too much and have enough left over that I won't have to go crazy working late into the night the next time I do one of these.
My signs stayed up, my decorations looked cute, I sold a bunch of stuff, I have a much better idea as to what to expect next time, I learned how to use the iPhone square for credit card purchases... Yes, I'd say the day went VERY well.

 I got TONS of comments on my hanging decorations. All they were was a bunch of cut up egg cartons that I spray painted and hung with fishing line. Super easy and super cute! Perhaps a tutorial will follow!
Tagged coffee cozies.

My brother and husband sporting the squid cowls... I expect that these will sell better on a day that isn't quite so warm!
 I cannot wait to do another show! This holiday season I am going to do as many as I am able! Hurray!