Thursday, October 18, 2012

something new

wooden owl ring

wooden monster ring
wooden diamond ring
I am branching out with the help of my wonderful husband! 

My etsy shop has been open for almost two years now. So far it has been a wonderful experience and I have had a great time creating crocheted goodies for etsy browsers to stumble upon. But now it is time to expand!

I am very happy to introduce you to jennasaurus wooden rings! These would not be possible without my amazing husband and his super laser cutting skills. He really is responsible for making these happen. I kinda go through a crazy time of spouting out a ton of ideas for different designs we could try and he goes to his computer and comes up with these super cute things that are even better than images in my head. I am so lucky to have such a great partner in life.

Just look at what we can accomplish together!

Available now in sizes 5,6,7 and 8 with more on the way in the next couple days!

Check em out!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

mail of the snail

I miss getting good letters. Email, facebook, text messages... yes, they are effective and time efficient. I suppose there is a time and place for them, sure. But I used to get so excited for the mail to come.
I had a lovely group of friends scattered all over and was actually pretty good at keeping in touch. I had a wonderful selection of stationary and colorful envelopes. I had a record of which stationary had gone to which friend so they wouldn't always get the same stuff (crazy, right? I know). I had markers and pens in many shades and colors and would sometimes rotate through all of them in a single letter. 

Letters would always have a formula. You'd start with a "hello how are you". Move on to I've been doing well along with an update on life that week, month or whatever. Segue into some questions about whatever they said in their last letter and other inquiries into their life. And always end with a heart and a P.S. that instructed them to write back soon. 

Letters were something to be anticipated and something that you actually put some time and thought into. Sigh. Email, what have you done to us? Text message, what is your hurry that cause you to feel the need to drop every other letter. Facebook, how is it that "liking" something is now considered keeping in touch. I am super guilty of this. Absolutely. I have, however, been getting the itch to build up my stationary collection once more.
I'm ready to sit with a cup of tea and five or six markers spread out before me. I am ready to bless somebody's mailbox with something to be treasured and not just something that goes from the mailman's hand, to our hand and into the recycling (please recycle that garbage!). 

A gem from my sister.

So, If you feel like you could use something to look forward to let me know! Message me your address. You can email it to me at at gmail dot com. Or find me on facebook. And then watch your mailbox! But beware! There will be a P.S. followed by some instructions. <3