Thursday, March 24, 2011

the library


 This evening, just like every other Thursday, my husband and I met with our lovely community group from our church to discuss the week's sermon and life. We got there early so that I could crochet for a bit and so Blake could do some sketching for school and let's not forget dinner Yum.

The Thursday night group used to be hosted at our apartment but recently have been meeting at a local coffee shop. A nice way to potentially reach nonbelievers in the community. It is kinda neat being out in public discussing our faith and praying for each other.

 The Library is not only a great coffee shop, but they also have amazing desserts and delicious eats. Next week we are planning on meeting back at our place so we can do a family dinner... Mexican food!! My favorite.


  1. A coffee house called the LIBRARY?! I want to go here ASAP.

  2. I wish there were neat little coffee shop libraries here in North Carolina, like this one you've got in California. Lucky!