Sunday, March 27, 2011

I dare you to NOT love her

Girl crush confession...

This is currently (and has been for a LONG time) what I LOVE to listen to. My husband and I discovered April Smith and the Great Picture Show while listening to A Prairie Home Companion's battle of the bands. We were instant fans and were threatening to give up listening to Garrison Keillor and all of his amazingness if they didn't win. Thank goodness everyone had enough sense to name her the clear winner of it all. You should really check out her stuff. I love listening to her while I am trying to get things done. There is so much energy in the songs that I somehow feel like I have energy as well. Magical. It is also usually included in any little road trip that me and the mister take.


  1. Have to admit, that was pretty freakin' amazing. Love her!

  2. Wow, that was awesome! I love finding new music. Definitely gonna look her up!

  3. kate talked about her songs all the time when she and i were addicted to phone time this winter!