Monday, March 7, 2011

if you're happy and you know it

Every morning, during circle time with the kiddos in my class, we take turns holding a pretend microphone for our turn to answer the daily question. Today's question was:
What makes you happy?
These are some of the responses I got:
-my bike  -ducks  -being the weather watcher (one of the classroom jobs)  -popsicles  -hugs  -presents  -dinosaurs  -digging  -going on roller coasters

And then it was my turn. I got the microphone and sat in silence for a moment. I realized that there are so many things that bring me joy in life! I quickly recovered and shared that I am very happy when I get to play games with friends... This is a good response to share with students and also happens to be very true. During nap time, after I finished prepping the next day, I started to compose a list of things that make me smile and make my heart so happy. Here is that list...
  • doing just about anything with my husband
  • playing board games
  •  hula hoops
  • rainy days that I can spend at home
  • going on adventures
  • sleeping in and days off
  • my family
  • trying a new recipe and having it actually be delicious
  • a clean home
  • flavored and frilly coffee along with coffee shops
  • taking pictures
  • themed parties
  • Harry Potter
  • crocheting and doing anything somewhat artsy fartsy
  • reading
  • baths
  • daisies
  • freshly made lemonade (I'm actually enjoying some right now!)
  • having friends over for any occasion
  • live music
  • salsa and chips
  • road trips
  • making travel plans
  • naps
  • geocaching
  • swing at the park
  • cardigans
  • ice cream trucks
  • waking up, thinking I'm late and then realizing I still have time to snooze
  • kids in my class requesting hugs as soon as I walk in the door

Geocache found in Big Bear!
A recipe that worked!
From an adventure that took us to the Winchester Mystery House.
I could go on for days. I guess you could say that I am a cheerful person and I guess this is why. There is just so much in everyday life to be thankful for and that can bring joy if you let it.

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