Saturday, March 26, 2011

mmm cupcakes


Cupcakes. I think that pretty much everyone can get behind them. They are delicious. They are just the right size. They are pretty easy to bake. I got pretty excited when I found a blog dedicated to baking cupcakes. Holly's 101 Cuppycake Challenge is a great resource for amazing recipes and photos that will inspire you to put your apron on and make something delicious! As the title suggests, Holly is on a  mission to try out 101 different cupcake recipes and will, hopefully, culminate in her creating her very own cupcake creation.

My husband has a love for lemony cakes so I decided to browse the history of recipes completed so far and found this: #37 lemon blueberry cupcakes and decided to give it a try. Truth be told, I am not super into blueberries. So I modified the recipe's topping and just bought some vanilla frosting and added a bunch of lemon juice to it (pretty tasty!).

I had some girls over the night after I made these tasty treats for an exciting evening of games. We had a lovely time playing Settlers of Catan and snacking on the yummy cupcakes and refreshing lemonade I made with the leftover lemon juice! Thanks for the inspiration, Holly!

 My love for cupcakes has not only inspired a day of baking, but also a new headband! So here it it, my latest headband and newest listing!

I hope you find this headband as darling as cupcakes are delicious!


  1. mmmm... the cupcakes look delicious! and the headband is so cute... what a great idea!

  2. Oh, I am salivating! They look so good. Cute post, and I love the headband!

  3. Those look so good! Great, now I need cupcakes! LOL!

  4. LOVELY...and DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmm!!!

  5. Thanks! The cupcakes were delicious. I say WERE now because we just finished off the last one. My husband and I shared it. And they were so good, in fact, that Blake has requested them for his birthday this year... only bigger... like a single cake instead of multiple cups.

  6. The cupcakes looke awesome! Love the headband too :)