Saturday, February 11, 2012

giving knitting a second try

A couple years ago I tried to teach myself to knit.

I got only far enough to be able to cast on and do the very basic knit stitch. And far enough to realize that knitting takes forever. And that it can be very tricky to keep all of your stitches.

All I could figure out was making a rectangle. Or, if I knitted a little longer, a square. Or, if I knitted a little longer, a bigger rectangle.

Then I learned to crochet. For me it was faster, easier, and I could make more shapes happen right away. It was a much better situation.

Now I think I am ready to give knitting another go. So I pulled out my needles and a bit of yarn. I found a website that shows how to cast on.


Then I relearned how to do the knit stitch. And then it was time to learn something new. I taught myself the purl stitch. That seemed like enough for one day. Woot.

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