Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I missed it. My one year anniversary of blogging. OOPS!

My first post was January 29th of last year.

It has been a very good year.

I have my Etsy shop up and running. I have created many new items since the first thirty or so that I had for my grand opening.
 I have very much enjoyed keeping a little record of my life as it happens on this site and absolutely love looking back at all the fun and growth  that I have experienced.

In my very first post I explained that the idea of selling things I made was first put into my head on a trip to Disneyland where I received many compliments on an owl hat I had made. Not only did people compliment the hat, they asked where they could get one.
Thank you, Princess Belle. Thanks for liking my hat. If a princess liked it why not see who else might be interested.

In related news (well, sorta related), my sister sent this image to my phone and it made me laugh a lot. I thought I should share.
 Hipster Disney princesses. Funny. We will just let it go for the moment that Anastasia isn't technically a Disney princess (Nerd alert! I know.).

Anyway... thank you for spending the year with me.