Saturday, June 25, 2011

sheep dogs, kilts and bagpipes

I was on my "edit posts" page and found a blog I had written earlier this month and accidentally didn't post! Ooops! Better late than never, eh?

Blake and I are not new to the Scottish Highland Games... We have, however, never been to the Costa Mesa games. It was a lovely afternoon. We got to watch men in kilts try to toss and flip gigantic and/or heavy items, many pipe bands perform, scottish dancing, and even sheep dog demonstrations. There is always wonderful Scottish music to enjoy on many stages. In the past, our favorite band to catch has been The Wicked Tinkers. They are very entertaining on stage and fun to watch. I was trying to find a good video to share and came across an appearance they made on Craig Ferguson's show.
They didn't perform this time around, but there were plenty of other acts to enjoy.
The best part of these days seems to always come down to the food. Surprise, surprise. Blake selected fish and chips and I had a scottish meat pie... there was, of course, sharing involved.

A darling calf.
Over all, the day was splendid but we both felt that we enjoy the games in San Diego (Vista, CA) a bit more. Nothing against the Orange County Fair Grounds, but the park in Vista is so nice and allows for not just sheep dog demonstrations but actual sheep herding competition. So much fun to watch. The OC fair grounds did have a fun barn area with lots of cute baby animals and a great garden area which reminded me just how much I want a back yard! One exciting souvenir that I took home from the day was my very own Clan Donnachaidh t-shirt. I married a Robertson and am officially in! (3 years and counting!) 

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  1. Oh well, now you get to relive it a little too, right? Glad you had a great day there.

    Thanks for the tips on fruit leather:) I'd be super nervous with the oven on at night too, even though like you said, it's probably safe.
    Making a bunch at a time is a great tip, that way I'll feel less guilty for having the oven on for so long! And I will definitely mix in Pink Ladies when I give it a go;)