Wednesday, July 6, 2011

independent at the bowl

Blake and I had an absolutely splendid 4th of July. Our wonderful, lovely friend, Abie, is (for another week or so) the vents coordinator at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

We sat up in there!

A lovely suite that we shared with Abie and her family.
 She was kind enough to invite us to partake in the festivities at no charge! We were given all access passes that got us in EVERYWHERE. We also had tickets to the VIP dinner/snack bar for all of the event sponsors and got tons of free food and drinks. Not too shabby!

Th little old ladies with the power rangers!

Homemade and delicious!
 On top of all of this we enjoyed the marching band, motorcycle stunts, bands and other entertainment from a private suite on the top floor of the press box. It was so amazing and perfect.

 As if this wasn't enough, we were part of the handful of people allowed on the field to watch the fireworks. We were actually laying down on the incredibly manicured and soft grass near the 50 yard line.
The sunset made the sky look pretty and meant the fireworks were getting closer!

The whole day was fantastic. We got there early and walked around the booths and bounce house spectacular set up outside of the gates. Then we headed in for the free food and shelter from the blazing sunshine.

 I got the meet the power rangers and the little old lady from Pasadena contest finalists as well as the city manager of Pasadena. Pretty neat, huh?
Best grass ever!

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