Wednesday, July 20, 2011

that time we found ourselves in the ocean

Recently my husband and some of his friends completed their second annual tour d'beer. What is that? Well, a handful of guys ride their bikes (Not motor, mind you. Bike as in bicycle.) from Long Beach to Escondido's Stone Brewery. The ride is about 90 miles. Luckily the end of the ride means delicious food and drinks which can be a lovely motivator. Like last year, I tagged along as "support vehicle". The food was amazing and everyone survived despite the best efforts of unaware motorists. From there the guys ride down the hill to a train station and take that back to Long Beach. Since I had a car there Blake and I loaded his car up to drive home.

Every Summer Blake and I try to find the license plates of all 50 states while driving around. We're pretty strict. No large trucks and we have to be together for it to count. Well, on the ride to Stone Blake spotted a New Hampshire plate, one that we happen to need still. So on our drive back we tried to find it in a random neighborhood that the bike path took them through. Blake was pretty tired by this point and had had several tasty beers during lunch and we had a bit of trouble finding it. We took some wrong turns and ended up at the beach! Oh darn! We never did find that New Hampshire plate... but I think the detour was still a success.

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