Monday, July 25, 2011

freestyle walking to straberries

For the past several weeks Blake and I have driven, biked and walked by the corner strawberry stand without purchasing a single berry. Today was the day to change that.

We enjoy walks.

We enjoy strawberries.

We enjoy each other.

 What a splendid way to spend an afternoon.

 We had a bit of added fun by free style walking to the stand.

 The lovely strawberries smelled so fantastic that we couldn’t wait to get home to try one. So we didn’t rinse them... Oh well!


Then we got home and it was one of the rare occasions when it is warm out and the pool is empty.

 We took advantage of that.

Strawberries and iced tea with our legs in the pool. Perfect.

And I still have an hour till I work.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. what a perfect monday! I love all the pics and those strawberries look delicious!
    I especially love the freestyle walking!! I remember when I first went to college after high school and the first time I walked in there were signs that said No Freestyle Walking and I had no clue what that even was... lol... what can I say, I was from a really small town :)

  2. That sounds like it was awesome!! ^_^

    Fresh strawberries, sun, pool!! Amazing!!

    +tries not to get jealous+ Hehe : )