Thursday, June 2, 2011

a walk in san jose

 I recently tagged along on a trip to San Jose. My husband and a bunch of his classmates went to an Industrial Design conference hosted at CSU San Jose. I, not having any meetings or presentations to attend, was free to wander. And wander I did. Here is just a sample of what I discovered on my little adventure...

R is for Robertson!

I put my sunglasses on them so you can see the size.
This looked like it would be a bunch of fun. A gigantic monopoly board game in the middle of a park! Amazing. It appears as though it is something that you can rent for events and people will come with the pieces, dice that can be thrown, cards and referees. Sounds like my kind of day.

 There were a bunch of walls covered with amazing murals.

I just got home from an amazing anniversary trip to Idyllwild, CA with my husband. I am so excited about sharing photos and stories from the trip but feel that there are a couple events that need to be posted first. So... look for the Idyllwild post coming this weekend!


  1. I think I need to live in San Jose... I would get nothing accomplished because I'd be playing Monopoly all day! lol... I just love your pretty pictures!

  2. I loooove San Jose! And love these pictures!