Friday, June 3, 2011

when the world was supposed to end... a trip to stone

Our first beverages of the evening. So tasty.

Remember when the world was supposed to end? May 21st I believe it was. My husband and I were invited to a double “beerthday” gathering that evening. Stone Brewery in Escondido, CA was the location of this wonderful event and that seemed like a pretty good place to be on the last day of the world.
I was reaching for an avocado but decided against stealing.

 Of course, Blake and I both did not even think for a second that the world was actually going to end that day but either way we love an excuse to head to this favorite place. We got there SUPER early... around 4 or 4:30 for dinner reservations at 8. Like I said, SUPER early. It pays to get there early, however. Stone has a free tour of the brewery that you have to be there early to get a spot on. We had hoped to go on the 6 o’clock tour but it was already full so we got in line to get a pass for the 7 o’clock instead. After we got our passes we had so much time to wait that we figured it would be a good idea to get an appetizer to spilt and a beverage.
I had the Stone Smoked Porter. Yum. Extremely yum. It turned out to be a lovely idea and we were able to enjoy the outside garden area while there was still plenty of light and warmth.  

The tours were probably packed due to the fact that samples are given at the end. But either way, the tour was wonderful, entertaining, informative and (best of all) ended with samples of four of Stone’s amazing beers.

End of tour samples!

Group cheers!
 After the tour it was about time for dinner. The menu is so full of delicious items that it is extremely difficult to make a choice.

 Blake and I went halvsies on the Mac and Beer Cheese and also a spicy broccoli and beef dish. So amazingly good! If you are ever in Southern California it is definitely worth a trip.
He kinda looks like a giant.

Inside restaurant.

The two birthday boys at the end of the table.

Rachel giving the Fox Barrel Cider a thumbs up.
Thank you, Jacob and Derek for giving us an excuse for another trip to Stone. See you next year?

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