Friday, June 24, 2011

animal families and a lovely tune

When I was still teaching preschool we had a set of animal flashcards that I think probably came from the dollar spot at target. On the back were a bunch of facts. These bits of information included what their diets consisted of, where they are usually found, what their young are called and other factoids. My absolute favorite line to read was what a group of that animal would be called. We all know some of these. For example, a group of lions is a pride and a group of birds is a flock and a group of cows is a herd, I wrote down a bunch of the more unique and fun names and have decided that this is a better place to save this little list/collection I've accumulated.

A bloat of hippos
A streak or ambush of tigers
A leash or skulk of foxes
A mob or clan of meerkats
A rookery of penguins
A tribe or community of chimps
A band or family of gorillas
A sloth of polar bears
A mob of kangaroos
A leap of leopards
A quiver of cobras
A tower of giraffes
A troop of lemurs
A bask or float of crocodiles
A crash of rhinos
A battery of barracudas
A murder of crows
A congregation of eagles
A seething of eels
A shiver of sharks

Aren't those fantastic?

I love learning new things. Some of these I had heard before but many were brand new to me. I really did learn an awful lot in preschool!

In other news... I am mildly obsessed with this song currently. I had to get an oil change today and instead of sitting in the stuffy waiting room I decided to go for a walk. I wandered the nearby neighborhood for about 45 minutes and listened to this song several times on my ipod while enjoying the trees, the breeze and a lovely Friday morning. And now, you can enjoy it as well!


  1. I adore your parliament of owls!!

    Seriously, that's probably the best list I've ever found on a blog... and I see so many lists posted... but this is definitely the most fun and educational :) I had no clue about most of those!

    And thanks for the song... I love finding new music I haven't heard :)

  2. I'm glad you liked the list! I really am quite tickled by all of the different names. So fun. <3