Monday, February 28, 2011

playing pretend

Mondays are always so blah. The work week has just begun and the weekend is as far away as it can be. Here is my attempt to improve this thing called "Monday".

All you need is...

A cup of delicious gingerbread coffee. This cup was made possible by the lovely people of Trader Joe's (where my husband works) and my wonderful sister, Katie Jean, who gave me this fantastic mug when we worked at Hume Lake together.
A place to house your spoon.

Some mood lighting. These are samples I made for an art night that I helped host at my preschool for kids and their parents.
My journal for notes and thoughts along with some light reading. My husband and I are re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia... We finished The Magician's Nephew and are well into The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe now.
Some good music is a must. I am currently listening to the Amelie soundtrack but (unlike when you're at a REAL coffee shop) I can change the tunes whenever I feel so inclined!

And maybe, perhaps some yarn :) 

And you get your very own pretend coffee shop! A much cheaper alternative to actual coffee shops and you can wear your pajamas if you'd like... and I'd like.


  1. Wish I was pretending to be at a coffee shop with you instead of really being at school.

  2. Gingerbread coffee! yum. thanks for sharing Jenna - I'd be in pyjamas too. I've just signed up to follow you, maybe you'd like to follow me back? ;) cheers Trish

  3. Oh man, I would so much rather be doing this than sitting at work, where I am currently pretending NOT to be on facebook/blogger/playing free cell.

    Also, your yellow blog background makes my day brighter!