Sunday, February 20, 2011

little old man

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit my family in San Diego. Most of the time has been spent with my lovely sister, chatting and crocheting away. We went to a Starbucks this morning and sat beside a darling old man who seemed to be chatting with just about everyone who walked past. Were we going to be the exception? Absolutely not. He had PLENTY to say.

We sat down and unpacked our yarn and crocheting gear. After getting a drink we dug right on in. Right away he asked about what we're up to and we told him about my new etsy store and our love for making cute things. He explained that he is a poet and has written many poems about Starbucks. He had advice for my store:
"Don't forget to make headbands for the boys. You could put a pig on it. Or a rat. Or maybe an eyeball. Or a bull. Maybe just its horns."
 I love going to coffee shops and other public places for times just like this. I also got to pass out cards to several people that stopped to admire what we were working on. One lady was chatting with us while she was in line and Mr. Self Proclaimed-Poet had two cents... and he tossed them in:
"She's working on starting a business that will buy out 150% of Fruit of the Loom!"
Sometimes I just love my life. Okay. Mostly all of the time.

The closest thing I have to his suggestion for something for the boys... He has an eyeball and his name is Jared... but he sold... to a girl.
Don't forget to check out my Esty shop!  There is still a monster headband left! <3


  1. Oh wow you were in my neighborhood! lol. What part of San Diego did you visit? I live in Point Loma. Next time we should connect over coffee, chat, knit, crochet and talk to wierd old strangers. lol. Happy Monday!

  2. That would be lovely! I am in San Diego often. My family is in Poway and my husband's family is in La Mesa. Happy Monday to you as well! <3

  3. Hi there! I am following you now. I remembr I had checked out your shop too. Very interesting and I guess reflects a happy personality. All the Best to you!

  4. sad bear :( i left you a comment a moment ago and it didn't work! so lovely to meet you jenna...your name lined me in and i'm so happy i stopped by! your shop looks like it is filled with so much fun and happiness!! i will be stopping by shortly!

    how cute that man was...whenever i go to the coffee shop to work on some graphic design stuff on my laptop, i am amazed by people's kindness :) there's nothing better! happy to have you as a member on for the love of blogs as well friend! let us know if you have any questions!! xoxo lindsay

  5. Hi Jenna, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. Good luck! I used to be a preschool teacher too so I enjoyed reading your profile and am off to have a read of your blog and look at your Etsy shop now. :)

  6. That's my hat!!!! I've gotten numerous compliments on it. Everyone is jealous of Jared.