Friday, February 18, 2011

create to unwind

After a long day at work sometimes it is really hard to switch gears and get out of “work mode”. For me, work mode involves lots of energy, being extra enthusiastic about things and often the use of sound effects. This can be quite exhausting but it really helps a day with a dozen 3 and 4 years olds go more smoothly. At home, however, there are no little ones. Just two big ones: me and my husband Blake. Enthusiasm and energy are not at all lacking in our life together but are not necessary at all times. Crocheting has become the magical key to the sometimes elusive “relaxation mode”. Something about the combination of soft yarn and simple, repetitive motion helps me to calm down and let my brain switch gears. My heart rate goes down as I let go of the day. Hurray for three day weekends!!

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  1. That's the ring photo you were telling me about. LOVE it. Love Jennasaurus too.