Saturday, February 5, 2011

over flow mug

Spent over four hours crocheting, chatting and drinking Mint Chip Magic at Viento y Agua today with my sister Katie who is visiting this weekend. Not a bad way to start a Saturday. I love Viento for many reasons... 

1) I love that they serve their drinks in mason jars if you don't order it "to go"

2) I love that they do their best to go green and even offer discounts for people who ride their bikes there

3) They have games, books and even crayons on a book shelf that are for anyone to enjoy

4) The mixed up furniture reminds me of The Living Room, a place I love in San Diego

5) They don't waste! They made my drink too large and instead of tossing it out they gave me a mug full of the over flow!

In other news... Katie helped me to clean up our second bedroom today. The room has been an over sized junk drawer for awhile now but apparently all I needed was for my sister to visit me and motivate me to get things done. Now the floor is cleared and I have my yarn in clear boxes all organized by color and it makes me feel, oh, so very good. Blake came home and was amazed and we were rewarded with In-N-Out Burger for all of our hard work. The speakers are all set up so I can listen to tunes and books on "tape". Now I just need to "cute" the room up and get a squishy chair of some sort and I'll be quite content to crochet away the days.

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