Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today has been a lovely, productive day off. Blake and were both free for the day. We started off with a walk to Starbucks to work on projects. I continued to make a bunch of coffee cozies that I will eventually drop off at a local shop that has offered to carry them (more on the later!!). Blake worked on filling up his sketch book.

Coffee was consumed and work was accomplished. A successful trip to say the least.

On top of that we happened to select a table situated between two people we knew! Oh how we love our town. We run into people we know just about everywhere. That is one part of Long Beach that I will surely miss when we eventually leave.

After Starbucks we were a bit hungry so we walked home and made lunches to pack in our picnic basket and headed to a park.

A couple days ago it was cold, windy and rainy. Today, Long Beach was full of sunshine and warmth. Normally I am apposed to weather like this on a day in late January. However, today we took advantage of the unexpected Summer-ness.

A couple turkey sandwiches, a handful of strawberries, a delicious bar of chocolate and sparkling clementine juice was all we needed.

Well, that and some sunscreen.

Now we are home. Blake continues to work on school projects while I sit with my iced tea and fill the quiet room with the clickety clack of my fingers on this computer.
I do love a well spent day off.

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