Saturday, December 10, 2011

a little bit of spontaneity

 I believe having an element of surprise and leaving your life and plans open with a bit of wiggle room is good for you.

My husband is in his final year of school at Long Beach State and recently we've been coming to the realization that our time here, in this city, is limited and coming to an end. We have loved living here and have mixed feelings about moving away.

We are excited about the next chapter and moving back to San Diego but aren't sure if we are totally ready. So, the plan is to maximize the time we have left. Of course, being his senior year, Blake is pretty swamped with school projects.

He has, however, been surprising me with making time for all sorts of little spur of the moment adventures.

After a day at work, I arrived home to Blake asking if I wanted to change andhead to beachwood bbq... an amazing place in Seal Beach with amazing food and wonderful beers on tap. We shared smoothered frieds even though the kitchen was closed (they are so stinkin great!) and a couple tasty beers.
Then, a couple days later, customers at Trader Joe's reminded us that Long Beach was having their Christmas parade later in the evening.   
So we headed there after finishing our shifts and enjoyed some coffee while enjoying an event that makes a big city like Long Beach feel very small town-ish.
I love my husband. I love my town. I love little, unexpected adventures. The end.

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