Sunday, December 18, 2011

it is here!

O how I love the smell of pine in our apartment. This year we decorated over three different nights.

The first decorating happened the day after Thanksgiving. We got all of our Christmas bins out of the garage and put out several things that go up on the wall or sit on counters. Like advent callendars, candles, and nativity scenes.

On a different night we picked up our tree and rearranged our furniture to make room for the giant, full... well, it is big branched... tree that we found.

A couple days later we got out all of the ornaments and decorated with "Christmas Vacation" playing in the background and hot cocoa with Irish Creme to enjoy.

This is our fourth Christmas as a married couple and so far every Christmas season has been extra busy due to the fact that Blake also has finals during this time. This is why several nights were needed.

The good news is that this is Blake's senior year! Next Christmas will be a holiday season without finals and all nighters. 

That will be a Christmas miracle!

But for now I am just so thankful for  a husband who makes time for things like decorating even when he is super busy and stressed. I am so very lucky.


  1. MMMMmmmm Christmas! I recognize many of your decorations, and love that I even recognize those pieces of artwork on your wall in the last photo. I miss you, especially at this time of year! We are in Long Beach on the 25th and 26th...and have a 4 day weekend for New Years. Maybe I can see you?

  2. Aw, I love all your decorations and your tree is absolutely gorgous! I hope that you and your husband have a very merry christmas :)