Thursday, November 17, 2011

new friends

After getting so many lovely compliments on my octopus scarf and several inquiries as to where someone else could get one I have finally added them to my shop! 
The first one I posted sold within the first day to someone I didn't know! Definitely encouragement to make more. So I have. Currently there are two octopi in my shop and they are soon to be joined by three more! Hurray!

The last several times I have worn my octopus scarf out and about I have been lucky enough to have business cards on me to hand out. What a great way to promote my shop!

I love taking my supplies and camping out at a coffee shop to get lots done. I usually get to talk to a bunch of random people while I am working which is (almost) always fun.

Get one before it gets you!!

yellow octopus

purple octopus

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  1. Your blog makes me smile! I'll be doing a link up every week so come back and share again!