Thursday, September 6, 2012

how i spent my summer vacation

Well, another couple months have gone by. I guess I was just a bit burnt out and needed a break. So there's a gap between blog posts. O well. That happens sometimes. When I'm not feeling it, I'd much rather just take a step away and not try to force something just to keep that blog post count going up. This is just for fun, after all. If it isn't fun anymore then why do it? However, I think I may be ready for a comeback. At least another little stint of posts hopefully. Lots has happened since my previous post. Blake graduated. We spent an amazing summer in Long Beach together truly enjoying our town. The reason for this is that Long Beach is no longer our home. As of a handful of days ago we have moved back to San Diego. We are still settling and adjusting but I think that the hard parts are over (except for the fact that I go back to work tomorrow. blech). This is how we spent our final summer in Long Beach (a highlights reel):

We had a game night with 20 some odd people. Scattergories and Empires. So much fun. Miss this lovelies so much!

We went camping on the beach. Pt. Mugu. It was our third (I think) time staying there. It did not disappoint.

We had a picnic in the park to avoid the heat. Blankets and a gaggle of friends. Just one spider too many.
Funkfest in downtown Long Beach. Love this town.

Beverages at Beachwood BBQ.

Folk Festival in Rose Park, a Long Beach neighborhood. Fiddles, mandolins and more. It was loverly.

Buskerfest, one of our favorite Long Beach events.

Frozen yogurt helped me survive some of the warmer, muggier days. Yum.
With the help of my partner in crime (and life) we really did this Summer well. Long Beach will be missed but at least we can say goodbye knowing that we enjoyed it just about as much as we could during our last couple months there. It will be missed (and visited whenever we can manage) but we are both ready for the new adventures that lay ahead.

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