Monday, January 31, 2011

photo shoot numero uno

Yesterday my husband, Blake, and I went out to take photos of my lovely creations. It had been raining earlier and I had just about given up on getting photos checked off my to-do list but Blake convinced me to give it a try. So we packed up my hats and headbands along with a wooden candlestick holder and a blanket and drove to a nearby park. We arrived as the sun was starting to dip behind the many trees and the park was deserted aside from a handful of joggers and dog walkers. We borrowed a lens from a friend that would allow for more interesting close-ups and right away I got ├╝ber excited about how fantastic they were even on the tiny screen. After taking many pictures of the hats on the candlestick holder it was time to put them on something else... my head. I tried on all of the adult sized hats for photographic purposes and discovered something. It is very difficult to keep a severe case of the sillies from taking over when putting on all of these darling hats one after another. By the end I was just being ridiculous. For this reason there are several pictures that will NOT be used to sell my creations. But I thought, what the heck! why not share some on my blog...
Sometimes I find I have a cat hat on my head.
Doing the robot in my robot cap!
Rarrrrr! says the triceratops... okay, it was me.
Blake being a wonderful sport and also being ridiculous in a ski mask that kinda reminds me of Monty Python...

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